“Expert Horror” Is Taking Over 2018


Photo Nov 20, 9 56 17 PM
Photo Nov 20, 9 56 20 PM
Photo Nov 20, 9 56 23 PM

First off, thank you to everyone that continuously supports us week in and week out. Without you, this platform would fail to serve its purpose. For Tuesday, September 25th we take you all the way to the London, the birthplace of “Expert Horror”.


With Hypefest right around the corner, 2018 is a very big year for this brand. Plus, the new collection they just released is crazy; make sure you go to their website and snag a fit before it all sells out. In terms of their products, this brand produces nothing less than perfection. Take a quick second to check out the photo above and see for yourself.


As you can tell, this brand places great importance on crafting high quality, intricate graphics. The reason we gravitated towards this product is because the graphic seems to represent this brand perfectly. Not only is it complex, it’s elegant…and it almost looks like something you would see inscribed on a wall in a horror movie. With this graphic, “Expert Horror” was able to capture their skill set, and brand as a whole, all in one graphic. Very seldom do you see a graphic of such nature executed so well.


Honestly, with the impression we got, “Expert Horror” is going to be in our topics of conversation for a very long time. Can’t wait to see what comes next.


“Expert Horror”, congratulations on a pivotal, and monumental, 2018.

You deserve it. @expert_horror