“Extra Ketchup”, Extra Mustard! Hold The Mayo!



If you’re looking for that sauce, you’ve found it.


“Extra Ketchup” is one of those brands that consistently delivers. Whether it’s apparel, accessories, or headwear, this brand ensures that their products are top of the line. Take a moment to flip through the photos above to see what the “Extra Ketchup” family has been up to.


With the winter-blues in full effect right now, we couldn’t help but latch onto their outerwear. In specific, the jacket shown in the first photo above is a definite stand out.


The blaze-orange embroidery on top of the camouflage back creates a dynamic overlay that is both visually grasping and pleasing . On top of that, by embroidering ‘Crime DOES Pay’, the creatives at “Extra Ketchup” quickly, and easily, add a more ‘streetwear’ aesthetic to their garment. Plus, such embroidery allows this brand to become more relatable to their prospective buyers and, ultimately, target them on a more personal level.


As with the jacket we just mentioned, their other apparel is just as well thought-out. Did you see those Carhartt-inspired ‘Criminal’ hoodies? Everything “Extra Ketchup” produces is a hit.


To learn more about this brand, head to their page now!