“Extra Vitamins”, Brooklyn’s Splash Of Individuality



How this brand uses clothing to find insight



“Extra Vitamins”, Brooklyn’s Splash Of Individuality



Streetwear, and clothing in general, serves a greater purpose than just covering our bodies.


Garments not only protect our shell, they improve our mindset; helping many of us exemplify our individuality and express our creativity in a more confident manner. A brand whose products do just that is “Extra Vitamins”.


Like supplements, “Extra Vitamins” offers the ‘complete package’ when it comes to improving one’s wardrobe. Take a moment to swipe through the photos above to uncover some of our favorites from this brand.


As you can tell, their products are extremely complex and unique in nature. In fact, such playful, abstract approach to branding products has allowed “Extra Vitamins” to create insightful experiences while viewing their items. For example, take a look at the photo below:



By off-setting psychedelic graphics in a seemingly scattered layout, “Extra Vitamins” offers no clues as to what this graphic represents. Instead, viewers are required to draw their own conclusions, leading to each individual understanding the design in their own, unique way.


That aspect is what truly sets this brand apart from others.


Their ability to construct items that allow individuals to, meaningfully, express themselves is unmatched.


There’s a whole lot more to this brand than what we’ve shown here. To see more, head to their page now!



Published: May 14th, 2019 | Dalton Oium







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