Stay Healthy This Winter With ‘Extra Vitamins’


A Design Studio Altering Perception In Brooklyn, NY



Extra Vitamins has just released their Winter ‘19 collection.


With new crewnecks, tees, bags, shirts, and tie-dyes, Extra Vitamins continues to innovate on their future psychedelic clothing and art style.

Just Be Your Self T-Shirt

Price: $65 USD


One item that’s sure to turn heads is their ‘Just Be Your Self’ t-shirt, pictured above.


Encouraging you to express your individuality, each shirt has a custom, unique dye pattern from @Emersin.

Peace Crewneck

Price: $100 USD


Other garments in this collection include multiple colorways of their Peace Crewnecks, Symbol Collar T-shirts, and Sun Shorts.


In addition to apparel, they also released three variations of their Symbol Packs, offering a great way to carry extra gear in style.

Large Symbol Pack

Price: $60 USD


Head to the Extra Vitamins webshop to see the full Winter ‘19 collection.


Prices range from $40-$100 USD






Published: November 25th, 2019 | Max Lynn



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