“FACT.”, A Misfit, Dysfunctional Family



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“FACT”, A Misfit, Dysfunctional Family



For well over a year now, we’ve introduced a new brand every single day.


Although we’ve seen tons of products, with each as unique as the last, streetwear never ceases to amaze.


After taking a look at the “FACT.” catalog, we’ve compiled a list of their most captivating products, shown above.


As you can tell, this brand lets their ideas influence their designs; producing everything from simple, minimal graphics to over-branded, all-over prints. Did any of those items catch your eye? For us, their ‘Music Is A Weapon’ tee had the biggest impact.




To begin with, the layering of this graphic is fundamental.


By placing the graffiti in the background, at a lower opacity, “FACT.” is able to bring forth the message they are trying to display; ‘Music Is A Weapon’. On top of that, the graphic supports such message in that it helps to argue that through music, big, societal change can occur.


“No Racism, No Sexism, No Fascism”


Lastly, the industrial numbers printed vertically along the ribbing is essential; showing that we are all a ‘product’ of our environment. By printing the numbers in Red, this brand not only introduces color, but heightens the sense of ‘attitude’ this garment already exudes.


As with the shirt we just mentioned, all of their products undergo similar design processes. Whether it’s a shirt, jacket, or hat, expect a product that will blow your mind.


Honestly, the creatives at “FACT.” can’t be touched.


To learn more about this brand, and to see what else they’ve done, head to their page now!



Published: May 16th, 2019 | Dalton Oium







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