“Failures”, A Brand For Everyone



If you’ve ever felt like a failure, this brand is here for you.


“Failures” is a brand that constantly perseveres regardless of their situation. In fact, much of the products coming from this collective target individuals who remain optimistic while dealing with times of hardship. To gain a better understanding of this brand, and to see some of the products they’ve produced in the past, swipe through the photos above.


Although they don’t explicitly state it, this collective understands the importance of using graphics to target a wider audience. Check out that crewneck shown in the first photo above and allow us to explain.


By printing ‘Sins’ boldly across the chest, the creatives at “Failures” are able to target every single one of their supporters because, deep down, nobody’s perfect. Same with their ‘Failures’ tee. By offering products that are undoubtedly relatable, “Failures” proves that they know, and understand, their target audience; an aspect that most, newer, collectives fail to grasp.


In terms of their more complicated prints, such as their ‘Black Messiah’ graphic or their ‘Life Sucks’ tee, this brand doesn’t compromise their reachability. Although such products require more insight, they target just as wide of a market.


In all, this brand’s ability to offer ‘staple’ products alongside graphical prints, and have them be just as impactful as the last, is what stands out the most to us.


If you ever feel like a failure, just remember, we’ve all failed at some point in our lives.