“Farewell Division” Waves Goodbye To The Competition



“Farewell Division” is a brand that should definitely be on your radar.


Their products are not only captivating, but complex as well; allowing their designers to fully embody their creativity. In case you are unfamiliar with “Farewell Division” swipe through the photos above.


As you can tell, this brand’s potential is limitless. In terms of a specific item, our personal favorite is shown in the first photo above.


Their ‘Ultraviolence’ longsleeve is a work of art. Based off the 1971 cult-classic, ‘Clockwork Orange’, the creatives at “Farewell Division” perfectly iterated the design to better represent their brand. While doing so, they also prove that they can easily print a complex design involving multiple colors. In essence, the ‘Ultraviolence’ longsleeve that we just mentioned is a great example of this brands potential.


Speaking of potential, did you see that ‘Deconstruction’ tee?


In order to produce such item, “Farewell Division” had to cut, sew, destroy, and print on various fabrics; a task that is extremely challenging. After seeing the finished product, it is safe to say that “Farewell Division” is here to stay.


In all, this brand landed a spot on our platform because of their ability to navigate all aspects of streetwear. There’s nothing they can’t do.