“Farewell Division” Isn’t Afraid To Take Chances


Photo Nov 20, 10 04 33 PM
Photo Nov 20, 10 04 36 PM
Photo Nov 20, 10 04 39 PM

Streetwear is all about breaking norms and taking chances…and nobody does so better than “Farewell Division”.


In case you are unfamiliar with this brand, swipe through the photos shown above. As you can tell, the creatives at “Farewell” feed off of taking chances. In specific, we are referring to the jacket shown in the photo above.


The first thing to point out are the graphics, and yes; they’re screen-printed. Screenprinting such a complex graphic, as the one shown above, on a piece of outerwear is something most brands shy away from. In fact, most brands turn towards embroidery when it comes to branding a jacket, but not “Farewell”. “Farewell Division” faced the ink head-on and masterfully printed their graphic with an extremely small margin for error.


Secondly, notice how the typography on the bottom is flipped. We are unsure of the reasoning but what we do know is this: it stands out, it breaks viewer attention, and it highlights this brands on-going desire to take chances. Those three aspects, which we derived from them simply flipping the text, allow this item to make an impression on the viewer and, thus, be remembered long after viewing.


In terms of their other products, they are just as technical as the item we mentioned. Whether it is a shirt, hoodie, or jacket, “Farewell Division” guarantees a product that is unique and ‘fashion-forward’.

Honestly, this brand will be around for a long time. Jump on board now and watch them grow; hit that follow button at @farewelldivision