“FELT”, For Every Living Thing



“FELT”, For Every Living Thing, is a New York-based collective that has been on our radar for a while now.


The first thing that drew us towards this brand is the ability to create timeless, original graphics. In specific, our absolute favorite is shown in the first photo above.


Their ‘Lousy Lover’ crew-neck is a staple among their entire catalog. For one, it is extremely powerful. Viewers, who are unsure of it’s origination, have the ability to draw their own conclusions as to who the ‘lousy lover’ is, by simply looking at the graphic. Is the woman holding the gun being lousy? Or is she going to deal with the lousiness of her lover?


On top of that, the heavy blended fabric, which is matched by the bold imagery, proves that this brand cares about the quality of their products. Not only do they look good, they last.


Another aspect that stands out to us is their ability to produce home goods and accessories. As you can see from the photos above, not only does “FELT” produce phenomenal clothing, they also create unique items such as throw pillows. Producing home goods and accessories is a great way for brands to branch their potential reach and infiltrate other markets.


“FELT” is at the forefront of streetwear as they understand the power of both wearable, and non-wearable art.


Honestly, this might be our favorite brand right now. To see what else the creatives at “FELT” have been working on, head to their page immediately!


You can thank us later.