“FINDSLEEP”, Spreading Chaos In New York



“FINDSLEEP” is a brand that has been on our radar for a while now.


Based out of New York, this brand found their niche by crafting limited runs of custom apparel. Produced in units of 12, “FINDSLEEP” limits their releases as a way to build exclusivity, ultimately creating a rarity among their products. On top of that, by doing everything ‘in-house’, the creative behind “FINDSLEEP” ensures product quality throughout the entire production of his garments.


In case you haven’t heard of this brand before, swipe through the photos above to gain a better understanding of their approach.


As you can tell, much of the items from “FINDSLEEP” house chaotic imagery that instantly grasps attention. Notice the ‘Oni Yokai’ shirt shown above.


Right off the bat, it is important to note the scale of this graphic. By printing the Japanese folklore demon with such large stylistics, “FINDSLEEP” quickly, and easily, catches the interest of onlookers. Additionally, the article-based backdrop provides the perfect intricacies that draw viewers further into their design, ultimately aiding in the understanding of their graphic. Lastly, by using bleach to dye this garment, “FINDSLEEP” was able to introduce a light background that helps their graphic appear more boldly on the otherwise dark fabric.


In essence, this brand constantly pumps out impressionable items.


We are extremely excited to share this brand with you, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.