“FKYRSLF”, The King Of Trashion



Welcome to the wonderful world of “FKYRSLF”.


Based out of Baltimore, “FKYRSLF” found their lane by not giving into the conformity of society. Through self liberation, this brand has been able to break all constraints that limit an artist; allowing them to produce what ever they want, whenever they want.


In fact, such creative-freedom has allowed “FKYRSLF” to produce tons of outlandish, thought-provoking products such as the ones shown above. Please, take a moment to flip through the photos we’ve featured to see how ‘moving’ their products truly are.


As you’ve noticed, much of the “FKYRSLF” items mock serious, societal issues, causing you to question your own morality. In fact, their ability to do so is the power behind this brand. By building graphics that reflect concerning issues, and presenting them in a way that is shocking to viewers, “FKYRSLF” has been able to create thousands of lasting impressions.


If you are someone who is looking for garments that make you stand out among your peers, then “FKYRSLF” needs to be in your rotation.


Honestly, this is exactly what the industry needs. It’s about time someone shakes up the game.


On behalf of Groundead, thank you for not giving a fuck!