Ask Your Local Pharmacist For Foulplay

Learn How To Turn Your T-Shirt Into A Face Mask!



Brand: Foulplay

By: Dalton Oium


After a successful collection in March, Foulplay returns with an extension to ‘Centers For Paranoia Control and Containment’.





Delivering a wide range of products that portray feelings of distrust and delusion, their latest collection looks at ways to cure or reduce the impact of such diseases.


Alongside medical advice, this collection provides a step-by-step instructional graphic on how to turn your shirt into a face mask.





Although clever, perhaps the most coveted products in this collection are those that implicitly state the disease itself; ‘PARANOIA’.


Found on various hoodies, t-shirts, and shorts, such products feature large, varsity arch logos printed on high quality Champion blanks.





To view this collection in full, head to Foulplay’s website now!


WHEN: May 16th @ 12PM PST




Published: May 16th, 2020 | Dalton Oium



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