“Gnarcotic”, Streetwear’s Most Wanted



“Gnarcotic” is NOT a gang.


Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually a streetwear brand. As you can tell from the photos above, much of the apparel from this collective centers itself around large graphics that challenge tradition.


With products such as their multi-camouflage backpack, “Gnarcotic” experiments with different ways to approach streetwear, and thus, constantly pushes the creative boundaries of the entire industry. Whether they are offering a logo tee or a cut & sewn product, “Gnarcotic” ensures that their designs are not only unique, but disruptive as well.


In fact, they use ‘disruption’ as a way to gain viewer’s interest. A perfect example of this is shown in the first photo above. Although it is just a simple, text-based graphic, the inclusion of the words ‘Weapons Dealer’ and ‘Terrorist Organization’ instantly raises suspicion. Plus, due to our society, viewers are inherently disrupted by those ‘key phrases’, and “Gnarcotic” uses that to their advantage.


By creating apparel that is meant to ‘disrupt’ others, “Gnarcotic” is easily remembered by anyone who sees their brand. In all, “Gnarcotic” represents a culture that challenges norms.


We are extremely excited to see what 2019 brings this collective, their possibilities are endless.