“Guardian Angel” Blends Theology With Streetwear


“Guardian Angel” is a brand that was founded by cult-designer, Jeremy Gonzalez.


Based out of Los Angeles, this collective blends theology with culture and, thus, offers ready-to-wear products that introduce stylistics to religion. Much like it’s name, “Guardian Angel” centers itself around the idea of faith prevailing over evil, and represents similar dichotomies throughout a variety of their designs. Speaking of such, take a look at the shirt shown in the first photo above.


Overall, their ‘Blind Spot’ graphic is a great representation of this brand. First off, it proves their ability to produce complex, captivating products. The overlaying print, combined with the vibrant color coding, allows this product to quickly capture viewer interest. On top of that, it is interesting how this graphic targets viewers personally, leaving us all to wonder, ‘Is something living in my blind spot?’


As with the shirt we just mentioned, all of the “Guardian Angel” products are just as unique. Whether you need a satin hat, or a lighter to burn your satin hat, this brand has got you covered.


If their next collection is anything like the first two, we’re all in for a big surprise.


To find out more about this brand and the creative behind it, check out their profiles now!

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