GUILTY Recounts The Life Of A Fallen Angel In New Transformation Campaign


Rebirth, Religion, & Ruin Finally Evoke An Emotional Response

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For their latest campaign, GUILTY enlists 20-year old Russian model and influencer Sasha Trautvein.


With every new release, GUILTY ensures that their collections represent more than just apparel.


“Each collection has its own ideology—meaning every collection has a different purpose and theme—making each one unique”


Take, for example, their campaign shown below.


Through exotic and chaotic set builds, this campaign shares the story an angel’s transformation as it descends back to Earth to relive it’s life one last time.



STAGE 1: The angel is in heaven, but he isn’t happy; he feels no emotions. He has been granted a chance to go back to Earth and relive his life, in any way he wants, without his actions determining his damnation to heaven or hell.



STAGE 2: Knowing his actions have no consequences, the angel decides to join a cult. He quickly rises to leadership ranks and is subjected to the cult’s unusual religious beliefs and evil philosophies.



STAGE 3: In loyalty of the cult, the angel returns to the church that his mom used to take him to as a child and sets it ablaze; laughing as it burns to the ground around him.



STAGE 4: Having felt no emotions after committing arson, the angel enters a beloved garden—one he used to visit in his past life to help him reflect and relax. After gathering some flowers and smelling the roses, he gets overwhelmed with anger, disgust, fear, happiness, and sadness. Only once he has experienced this incredible euphoria does he realize that he can feel all primary human emotions again.


Not only is GUILTY sharing their products in a unique format, they are doing so in a way that keeps the audience engaged.


By telling a captivating story, with imagery-enhanced visualization, GUILTY has created an unforgettable experience.


Head to GUILTY’s website to learn more about this campaign and to shop items from this collection.


Prices range from $40-$250 USD





Published: January 28th, 2020 | Dalton Oium



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