“Gutter”, An Innovator Of Fashion



Destroy, Rebuild, & Repurpose; How one brand is challenging an entire industry



“Gutter”, An Innovator Of Fashion



Streetwear is, and forever will be, a source of inspiration.


Whether it’s a graphic tee or an item that involves cut & sew, this avenue of fashion is the most innovative around. Here to add to such innovation is “Gutter”.


From the moment we discovered this brand, we knew we had to showcase them on our platform.


Take a moment and swipe through the photos above to gain a better understanding of their abstract approach to product design. As you can tell, their collection is unlike anything on the market.


Shown with their ‘Junction Jacket’ pictured above, “Gutter” excels at crafting unique, restructured products that shatter conventional norms. Instead of simply sewing the jacket together, the creatives at “Gutter” implemented fabric ties throughout the entire garment; allowing for more depth, movement, and functionality. By crafting garments in their own, unique way, this brand has been able to create entire wardrobes of enigmatic items.


If there’s one thing to learn from this brand it’s this: practice reinterpretation.


By openly observing an item, you can re-imagine it differently and, thus, create ingenious products such as the ones we’ve featured above.


“Gutter”, thank you for making fashion interesting. May your hard-work and dedication ripple success.


To learn more about this brand, head to their page now!


Published: April 17th, 2019 | Dalton Oium






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