From The Streets Of Yogyakarta, We Bring You “Gutters”


Indonesia stand up!


“Gutters” is a brand based out of Yogyakarta that is making waves right now. Their slogan, ‘Demand The Impossible’, reverberates throughout all of their collections. If you haven’t heard of “Gutters” before, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with their products by flipping through the photos above.


As you can see, this brand isn’t afraid of tackling their vision, regardless of how complex it may be. An item that reflects such characteristics is their ‘TRIPLIPS’ tee shown in the first photo above.


The reason we enjoy this product is because of how they styled their text with their graphic. By doing a drop stutter effect on their typography, the creatives at “Gutters” easily guide viewer attention downward and, thus, direct them towards the larger graphic being portrayed. Plus, by slightly overlaying the text and image, “Gutters” is able to create a seamless design that can quickly be regarded in full.


In terms of their collection as a whole, it is just as well designed.


On top of their tees, this brand also offers all-over-prints, utility bags, and even controversial items (such as their Bin Laden tee) that are guaranteed to turn heads.


We bet this won’t be the last time you hear of this brand.


If you live in Indonesia, make sure you pay the “Gutters” family a well-deserved visit. Hell, even if you don’t, there’s no excuse; they offer worldwide shipping.


To learn more about this brand, head to their page now!