“HABITS-CORP” Taps Realtree For Hunting-Inspired Collection



“HABITS-CORP” is starting the new year stronger than ever.


With their first collection, ‘SEASONS’, releasing in January, this brand is focused on curating products that blend functionality with fashion; offering items that are not only unique, but durable. As you can tell from the photos above, “HABITS-CORP” blends various aspects of Hunting with streetwear and, to be honest, it looks beautiful.


It was extremely hard to choose, but our favorite items are shown in the first photo above. To begin with, the hoodie is a great example of how they’ve blended two completely separate, and different, cultures. The portrait of the deer, matched with the bold typography, helps further their vision of reaching a wider audience. Underneath the hoodie is a “Realtree” Track Pant, which is a standout among their entire collection.


Remember how we mentioned they’re products are functional? These all-weather pants are not only windproof and waterproof, but are also lined with ultra-durable nylon fabric that add protection without sacrificing breath-ability.


In 2019 you will start to see ‘function’ play a huge role in the streetwear community and “HABITS-CORP” is at the forefront of such market.


You will not want to miss this collection.


To learn exactly when it will be releasing, head to their page immediately.