“Half-Evil”, Home Of The $3.33 Shirt



“Half-Evil” is a leader of underground streetwear.


Since we discovered them, this brand has been able to secure a cult-like following that is devoted to their products. What started as a monthly release of t-shirts, has since transitioned into fully released collections that include everything from hoodies to accessories. To see some of the products they’ve released in the past, swipe through the photos we have featured above.


As you can tell, the creatives at “Half-Evil” understand what it takes to create impressionable items. In terms of a specific product, our absolute favorite is their ‘Modelo’ collaboration highlighted in the first photo above.


For one, the details are insane. “Half-Evil” could’ve just changed the ‘Modelo’ logo and called it a day. Instead, they went a step further and iterated the fine-print; even including a tagline that states ‘Killer, screenprinted clothing with a clean, crisp finish’. As with the shirt we just mentioned, this brand’s ability to reflect old designs in a new, unique way is what sets them apart from others.


On top of that, we enjoy how they include their brand name in mostly everything the create. By doing so, they prove that they not only believe in themselves, but in the products they create as well.


If this is your first time discovering “Half-Evil”, here’s our advice: Be quick. Their monthly, $3.33, shirts are guaranteed to sell out within 10 minutes.


“Half-Evil”, thank you for keeping us all on our toes.