From Sold Out Shows To Streetwear Fashion, The Hunna Introduce ‘Hard As Hell’


“Death Smiles At Us All; All We Can Do Is Smile Back”



Hard As Hell is a brand that has been on our radar for quite some time.


Based out of London, this brand focuses on more than just creating garments; they use their clothing to share a narrative.



As shown through their latest collection, One Hell Of A Gory Story, all of their products exude a grunge, anti-authoritarian aesthetic that is equally represented in their lookbooks and videos.


To get a better understanding of their products, and to learn more about their story telling ability, we highly recommend you check out their cinematic showcase featured below.



As you can see, Hard As Hell fuses a dystopian mindset with a post-apocalyptic aesthetic and, ultimately, creates a complete user experience through viewing their collection.


Through their creative approach and unique displays, this brand has found a way to carve their own path in the fashion community.



Nothing is more exciting than finding a brand that cares about both the craft and the content.


Everything they share keeps you on the edge of your seat in a constant state of craving more. We honestly can’t wait to see what they do next.


To learn more about this brand and to shop their latest collection in full, head to the links below.






Published: November 19th, 2019 | Dalton Oium



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