The Revolution Will Be HARSH AND CRUEL



“Searching for order in the disorder to find the possible in the impossible to create the future in the present.”



The Revolution Will Be HARSH AND CRUEL



HARSH AND CRUEL is a brand that continues to push fashion forward.


Founded in 2016, this collective uses their clothing to represent the various industrial impacts, and advancements, that have affected humanity. In doing so, much of their inspiration comes from the architecture that surrounds us.


Manhattan Shirt

Price: $110 USD


By implementing such characteristics in their products, HARSH AND CRUEL has crafted a highly unique and technical catalog.


In case this is your first time learning about this brand, flip through the photos we have featured above to gain a better understanding of their vision. As you can tell, each product is a representation of their overall skill set.


Whether they are producing a polyester cuban collar shirt or a high density nylon windbreaker, HARSH AND CRUEL’s modernized approach ensures that their ideas are captured in the highest quality possible.


Tactical Heavy Jacket

Price: $230 USD


Even extremely complex products, such as their ‘Tactical Heavy Jacket’, are constructed with precision. With detachable pockets, irregular zippers, and 3M piping, this jacket is at the forefront of utility design.


There’s truly nothing this brand can’t do. In just 3 short years, they’ve perfected the craft and surpassed all expectations. We can’t wait to see what they do in the next 3 years.


Forest Print Anorak

Price: $140 USD


If this brand has peaked your interest, there’s a lot more to discover.


Head to their website now to see what else this brand has in store.



Published: September 9th, 2019 | Dalton Oium






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