Australia-Based, “HEAVY MENTAL”, Challenges Streetwear Through Technical Pieces



Australia stand up!


“HEAVY MENTAL” is an Australian-based collective that produces unique, one-of-kind, items that combine fashion and technicality. In case you haven’t heard of “HEAVY MENTAL” before, swipe through the photos above to see what this brand from ‘the land down under’ has been up to.


As you can tell, “HEAVY MENTAL” extends beyond just apparel and produces everything from safari caps, to jumpsuits, to tactical bags. In fact, this brand’s versatility is what separates them from others; there’s literally nothing they can’t produce. Speaking of production, did you see that ‘OG’ hoodie shown in the first photo above?


For one, the fabric is heavy and will last forever. Secondly, the print is bold and matches perfectly with the embroidered hood, allowing for a high quality product that also looks good. Plus, on top of that, the small details, such as the custom woven tag and the drawcord tips, help this product become a standout among others of similar style.


This brand’s attention to detail is evident throughout their entire catalog, not just their hoodies. The creatives at “HEAVY MENTAL” know, and understand, what consumers are looking for, and thus, ensure products that satisfy both wants and needs.


There’s so much more to talk about, but it’s better to experience it for yourself.


To learn more about this brand from Australia, head to their page now!