Hellrazor, The Shinigami Of Streetwear



The dark side of The Rising Sun.



Hellrazor, The Shinigami Of Streetwear



Tokyo is back with another unforgettable brand!


Featured above are products from Hellrazor, a collective that has been in the game for over 4 years. In case this is your first time hearing about this brand, take a moment to swipe through the photos above to gain a better understanding of Hellrazor’s vision.



As you can tell, this brand centers their designs around dark, provoking graphics that are both interesting and enticing to viewers. In terms of a product that stood out the most to us, their ‘Waiting For A Call’ shirt caused the biggest impact among our team.



Pictured in the first photo above, this garment houses a graphic that depicts a firearm resting on top of a Holy Bible; highlighting the dichotomy between Heaven and Hell. Not only is this graphic controversial, it proves that this brand isn’t afraid to face negative feedback from their designs. Instead, Hellrazor focuses on capturing their vision regardless of the consequences; and in doing so, have been able to craft tons of unique, unforgettable products.



It’s no wonder why this brand has been able to gain thousands of supporters from all across the world. Toya, on behalf of Groundead, thank you for not caring what others think.


To learn more about this brand, and to see what they’ve done in the past, head to their page now!



Published: June 25th, 2019 | Dalton Oium









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