Chicago-Based, “Hidden Characters” Understands Originality



“Hidden Characters” is a Chicago-based collective that is constantly paving their own lane.


This brand not only produces great products, they use clothing as a way to fuse chaos with beauty, ultimately, reflecting the city in which they reside. In case you are unfamiliar with “Hidden Characters”, swipe through the photos above and see what they’ve been up to.


As you can tell, this brand isn’t afraid to step outside their comfort zone. From hoodies to cut & sewn products, the creatives at “Hidden Characters” consistently challenge themselves. Plus, by doing so, this brand has been able to see tremendous creative-growth; allowing them to experiment with products of all kinds.


Speaking of which, did you see that denim patch work? Or those drawcord pants? Insane. Even their ‘OG’ script hoodies get technical with the addition of 3M.


In fact, this brand’s ability to remain original while still venturing into different aspects of streetwear is what we find most fascinating. A lot of brands find one product that works and stick with it, but not “Hidden Characters”.


“Hidden Characters” is always looking for new ways to approach apparel and that is why their future in streetwear is so promising.


There’s nothing this brand can’t do.