“Hotel Blue” Enjoys Skateboarding, Not Tourism



If you are looking for a brand that reflects the culture and lifestyle of an American city, then look no further.


“Hotel Blue” is a skateboard collective based out of New York that looks directly towards the streets for inspiration. Whether it’s from a newspaper, a drug store, or a piece of art, the creatives at “Hotel Blue” stop for nothing when gathering inspiration for their designs. Swipe through the photos above and take a look at how this brand incorporates a ‘street-aesthetic’ into their items.


With New York being one of the largest hubs for graffiti artists, we love how this brand highlights that aspect of their city. For instance, take a look at their hoodie shown in the first photo above.


By creating a spray-painted script design and printing it on a garment from New York, “Hotel Blue” is able to offer a product that perfectly captures the essence of the city they reside in. On top of that, we highly respect the fact that this brand crafts their own skateboards.


More often than not, we see ‘Skateboard Collectives’ solely produce apparel for people to skate in, but not “Hotel Blue”. Instead, this brand offers tangible, fully-functional decks that are meant to be abused.


All in all, we love everything this brand is doing. It’s such a breath of fresh air to know that “Hotel Blue” represents streetwear and skateboarding at it’s core.


Please pay this brand a well-deserved visit, especially if you live in New York.