How “Human Society” Uses Fabric To Represent Artistry

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There’s no brand that speaks the truth of a creative quite like the one shown above.


“Human Society” is a streetwear collective that uses fabric to represent a wide variety of topics including entrepreneurship, artistry, individuality, and fashion. Their blatant, yet ingenious approach to branding a product is what stands out the most.


As you may notice, “Human Society” isn’t afraid to ‘tell it how it is’. Our favorite product that does so is their ‘Fucked Tee’ shown in the second photo above. Why? Because they get straight to the point.


Even if you just quickly glance at this product you can develop an understanding of what they are trying to say. The typography, along with the imagery, conveys the idea that us, as a society, are ruining our planet.


Speaking of the typography, we really enjoy their take on Trump’s presidential slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ (Too late to make society great again). By iterating the slogan and changing it to reflect their own design, this brand was able to pinpoint a specific individual whose ‘ruining society’ without explicitly stating who. At such a time as this, with turmoil surrounding the elections, we need a product like the one we’re referring to.


The idea, and execution of their ‘Fucked Tee’ is perfect; 10/10. In fact, we could do an in-depth analysis of all of their products; that’s how provoking they are. @ichibanmike , you are genius.


Truthfully, we cannot wait for what else you have up your sleeve. If you are reading this, make sure you go give @humansocietyco some love.


Head to their page now and see what else they’ve been cooking up!