Ero Pop Brand, “HVY BLK”, Tackles Customization Through Hands-On Approach



“HVY BLK” is a lot more colorful than it sounds.


Straight from the mind of Damien Miau, “HVY BLK” is an independently owned, artist-based Ero Pop brand that crafts unforgettable products. Take a moment to flip through the photos above and familiarize yourself with this brand.


As you can tell, the items coming from here are complete works of art. Everything, even their denim, is branded with high quality images that are both unique and complex. One of our absolute favorites is the longsleeve shown in the first photo above.


The hand-printed graphics are perfectly complimented by the hand-dyed fabric; highlighting an aspect of this brand that separates them from others. By implementing a hands-on approach to building products, “HVY BLK” is able to instill their creativity in everything they produce, ultimately, reducing the inevitability of someone stealing their design.


To top it off, this brand doesn’t let you get bored. We could spend hours analyzing that longsleeve and still not perceive every detail.


When you care about your art, and the products you create, you get “HVY BLK”.


This brand is exactly what streetwear has been missing.


“HVY BLK”, thank you sharing your brain. The industry needs more creatives like you.


Have a happy Friday everyone, see you Monday!