Iggy Hits The Streets Of New York For F/W Lineup

There’s Only So Much That Needs To Be Said About The Thoughts Inside Your Head.



In case you missed it, Iggy has just released a new collection that includes some of their best items to date.


From graphic tees to knit sweaters, this capsule is more than just an assortment of products.



Instead, these items tell a story. In a sense, each and every garment represents it’s own, unique character.


Using this collection, Jack Greer portrays the world around him in a way unlike anything we’ve seen before. Take, for example, the inspiration behind BLOOD IN MY HANDS.



“I went to Copenhagen in 2016 – freeloading on a trip for friends to acquire footage and compete in the CPH Open Skate Contest.

While there, we took the train to Malmo to skate a few spots our friends knew about. 

Andrew sessioned the rail and the ground sessioned his hands. 

Got the trick and a few years later I drew the pic. 

The drawing became the source of developing the textile above”.


As with the sweater, all of the items in this collection draw inspiration from various interactions and experiences that are dear to Iggy.


Head to their website to learn more about these items and to shop this collection in full.


Prices range from $36-$320 USD.








Published: November 2nd, 2019 | Dalton Oium



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