New York’s, “IxDxC”, Embraces Their Own Approach To Apparel


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“IxDxC” is a New York-based collective that is influenced by a large variety of things including punk music, skateboarding, and other, defiant, forms of artistry. Their graphics, which portray an obscure representation of ideas, are a direct ode to their lifestyle.


In terms of our favorite item coming from “IxDxC”, the sweater shown above is a great starting point. For one, the quality is evident. By simply looking at the collar and sleeves of this garment, you can tell that it is a constructed from a heavy-blended fabric. Such quality is important as this item not only looks good, but will keep you warm as well. It is the perfect combination for someone looking to snag a functional, yet fashionable piece of outerwear.


Secondly, the all-over graphic print is the ‘icing on the cake’. “IxDxC” clearly understands that grasping viewer attention is the first step in making an impression, and their execution of such is flawless. By outlining their graphics using a ripple-like effect, the creatives at “IxDxC” were able to use stylistics to help enhance viewer interaction. In essence, due to the ripples, viewers are curious to find out what design they are coming from and, thus, have no choice but to immerse themselves within the graphic. All-in-all this brand understands how to use graphics in unique, impressionable ways.


There is so much that young creatives can learn from this brand. Too see more of what they’ve been up to, head to their page at @ixdxc_