Introducing “Jessika”, A California-Based Design Project



“Jessika” is a brand that recently had a relaunch, and the results are incredible.


Based out of California, this artist-fueled design project looks to the past, present, and future when gathering inspiration for their graphics. Printed on fabric of all hues, their colorful approach to streetwear is reflective of the life that surrounds them in the Golden State.


Take a moment to flip through the photos above and familiarize yourself with “Jessika”.


As you can see, not only are their designs extremely unique, the quality is evident as well. In terms of an item that we enjoy the most, the shirt shown in the first photo above made the biggest impact.


Remember how we said this brand sources the past for inspiration? Well, their ‘Windows Media Player’ shirt instantly brought us back to the early 2000s. Being able to simply look at a graphic and have it evoke nostalgia, proves that the design is powerful.


As with the shirt we just mentioned, the entire “Jessika” catalog is just as strong.


Those of you who remember their ‘Maebashi Records’ tee from 2016, should check out their ‘Tokyo To’, 2019 version, as well; it’s remarkable.


“Jessika”, on behalf of Groundead, thank for relaunching; the game needs you.