“Joefreshgoods”, The Mind Of A Maniac



Seeing “Joefreshgoods” at Agenda was a breath of fresh air.


Having a streetwear veteran showcase among up-and-coming brands was not only motivational, but inspiring as well. For us, and many others in attendance, it proved that we, as creatives, coexist as like-minded individuals ready to push fashion forwards.


In terms of the “Joefreshgoods” booth, it was one of our favorites. Take a moment to decode the image above. Remember, Agenda is a tradeshow aimed at helping brands reach and connect with buyers from all over the world. So, why was this ‘insane asylum’ booth one of our favorites?


Well, for one it’s a direct, and blatant, boycott of retail stores… which is exactly what brands are trying to attract at Agenda. See those papers plastered all over the walls? Those are ‘Past Due’ invoices that brands often have to send retailers for unpaid products. Basically, this booth is representation of what brands like “Joefreshgoods” go through on a regular basis. It’s not only troubling, it causes owners to go ‘mad’  and spend all their creative-energy on problem solving.


Lastly, we enjoy how this brand included their signature ‘DBM’ within their display. If you follow “Joefreshgoods”, then you know first hand that ‘Don’t Be Mad’ plays a huge role in this brand’s identity. Including ‘DBM’ in their Agenda booth was a great way to retain originality while representing a process that many brands go through.


All in all, the idea, layout, and execution of their booth was incredible.


“Joefreshgoods”, it was dope linking with you this past weekend. Wish you nothing but health, wealth, and success.


Till next time. Also, make sure you check out some of their apparel we have featured above. To see more of where that came from, head to their page now!