“Lafayette” Highlights The New York Lifestyle Through Streetwear



For today, we bring you all the way to New York City to introduce “Lafayette”, a streetwear brand that has over 16 years in the game.


“Lafayette” uses their clothing as a way to share, and represent, the culture that surrounds them; integrating a sense of their city in everything they produce. As you can see from the photos above, this brand does it all. Whether you are looking for intricate, multi-color prints or a unique, cut & sew item, “Lafayette” has everything you need.


In terms of a product that stood out the most, their ‘Two Face Arch Logo’ tee shown in the first photo above made the biggest impression on us. The reason we enjoy this item is because we believe it perfectly captures the essence of this brand. In case you are unaware, “Lafayette” is not only this brand’s name, it’s also a town within New York. With that said, this shirt helps convey the idea that “Lafayette” is a brand from ‘New York’ that represents ‘New York’ through the streets of ‘New York’.


Honestly, the shirt we just mentioned highlights the ingenuity of this brand. By offering a product for the city you call ‘home’, “Lafayette” proves that they care about the community they exist within.


What’s more impressive than it all is their ability to remain relevant along their entire journey.


What will you be doing in 16 years? Still grinding towards your passion? We hope so!


What’s the longest you’ve done something for? We bet “Lafayette” has you beat.


Head over to their page to see what other amazing things they’re doing!