“Leaf” Takes Indonesian-Roots Worldwide



Indonesian brands have some of the best streetwear products we’ve seen outside of the US. Shown above is our most recent feature from Indonesia.


“Leaf” is a streetwear collective based out of Jakarta that focuses their collection around ‘uniqueness’. This brand strives to produce products that are unlike anything we’ve seen before and their unrelenting quest for originality is what helps them achieve such result.


In case you are unfamiliar with “Leaf”, take a look at the photos above. As you can see, everything from their designs to their fabrics are chosen with specificity.


In terms of a certain product, our favorite is shown in the first photo above. For one, their ‘Flag Set’ top and bottoms are a standout amongst their entire collection. The seamless combination of various flags, from countries all over the world, is something we’ve never seen on such scale. On top of that, we love how ‘seamless’ the entire outfit is. By portraying the print in a collage-like approach, “Leaf” is able to present a product that flows easily and is, thus, non-obtrusive. All in all, we love how “Leaf” is using streetwear to represent something bigger than themselves.


If you are in the market for a product that will stand out and grasp viewer attention, we highly recommend you look into this brand.


To learn more and see the “Leaf” collection in its entirety, head to their page now!