Liam Ciavarelli Will Help Cover Your Carbon Footprint

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An Involuntary Approach To Fashion Is Changing The World

Liam Ciavarelli Will Help Cover Your Carbon Footprint



Liam Ciavarelli is one of streetwear’s best kept secrets.


Based out of Los Angeles, this print-maker turned clothing designer gives new life to forgotten pieces. In fact, by re-purposing vintage clothing, Liam is doing more than just building a brand.




As of 2018, the impact of overproduction from the fashion industry is staggering. On an annual basis, 12.8 tons of clothing is being buried in landfills; with greenhouse gasses totaling in the upwards of 1.2 billion metric tons. To put that into perspective, total textile production emissions surpass both international flights and maritime shipping combined.


Apparel and Fashion Overproduction: 2018


That’s why brands such as Liam Ciavarelli give us hope. Not only are their products unique, they play their part in reducing harm to our environment. If you are looking for that perfect, one-of-a-kind item to add to your rotation, then look no further.


Whether you need a shirt, jacket, or a pair of pants, this brand offers a variety unlike anyone else. From large, captivating prints to obscure placements, nothing stops Liam Ciavarelli from capturing his vision.



We highly recommend you check out more of their products.


It’s your turn to save the planet.


Head to Liam Ciavarelli’s website now!



Published: October 14th, 2019 | Dalton Oium






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