“Live Fast Die Young”, Using Fashion To Represent German Culture



The streetwear scene in Germany is absolutely exploding right now and here to add to the chaos is “Live Fast Die Young”.


Based out of Cologne, this brand first landed on our radar based off their ability to craft products that reflect the culture around them. In case you haven’t heard of “LFDY”, take a moment to swipe through the photos above.


Did any of those items catch your attention? For us, their ‘Choose Character’ garment shown in the first photo above had the biggest impact.


For one, we love the simplicity of this product. The light fabric, paired with the thick, bold typeface, allows this item, as a whole, to have a much larger impact. Also, by printing ‘Choose Character’, and not including any other imagery or graphics for explanation, “LFDY” allows the viewer to look at this product unhindered and, thus, draw their own, insightful conclusions as to what this item represents. Plus, by simply looking at the image you can tell this product is made from high quality, durable, material.


As with the product we just mentioned, the entire “Live Fast Die Young” catalog is just as impressive. Even their more ‘graphic-heavy’ prints are captivating.


We are extremely excited to see what the creatives behind “LFDY” do next. The possibilities are endless.


From our platform to yours, welcome @livefastdieyoung_de