“Lost Management Cities”, The Home Of Postmodernism, Chaos, & Disorder



If you haven’t heard of “Lost Management Cities”, it’s time to wake up.


This brands had one of the best years of any streetwear collective. From new collections to unforgettable collaborations, they’ve constantly captured our interest with everything they’ve produced.


In case you haven’t seen what they’ve been up to lately, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the photos shown above.


As you can tell, not only are their products extremely unique, they are of the upmost quality as well. In fact, such durability is evident among their entire catalog. Plus, did we mention that they are incredible at cut & sewing garments?


With such skills, “LMC” has been able to separate themselves from others by creating original, inherent products that are difficult to manipulate. In essence, such is the power behind this brand.


Their ability to deconstruct apparel, rebuild it, and brand it however they want, has allowed them to capture their vision, effortlessly, every single time. To top it off, “LMC” uses their skillset to their advantage; keeping customers on their toes while they roll out product that has never been seen before.


Honestly, the creativity coming from this brand is unmatched.


Us at Groundead are extremely pleased to introduce, “Lost Management Cities”.






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