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Independent Streetwear Meets Independent Manufacturing

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For upcoming brands, the most tedious work is searching for blank apparel. Finding a company that will separate you from others and launch your brand into a category of its own is an endless task.


Gone are the days when Alstyle, Anvil, Comfort Colors, Gildan, or Hanes impress the streetwear industry. The next generation of brands don’t care about big-box retailer blanks, instead they focus on finding heavy weight, custom cut silhouettes that exemplify their craftsmanship.


One way to impress buyers and surpass other brands is by turning to independent manufacturers such as MADE:





MADE is a manufacturer and supplier based out of Los Angeles, CA that specializes in crafting stylistic blank apparel.


With extremely high standards of excellence, this company uses their fabric, detail, and fit to innovate all styles of essential clothing; offering everything from heavy weight sweatpants to custom-dyed hoodies.


Garnering over 6+ years of experience in manufacturing, MADE is streetwear’s best kept secret.


Let’s take a look at some of what they specialize in:








Phantom Black, Heather Grey, Off White, Midnight, Peaches N Cream, Lemon Butter


14oz Heavy Weight (80% Cotton, 20% Polyester)


No Shrink, Pre-Washed


Oversized Fit


Retail: $45 USD | Sale: $20.25 USD






Phantom Black, Heather Grey, Off White


14oz Heavy Weight (80% Cotton, 20% Polyester)


5-Needle Double Stitch For Added Durability


Side Gusset For Extra Flexibility


Bartack Reinforcements


16oz 1×1 Ribbed Cuff/Waistband (100% Cotton)


Super Soft & Durable


True To Size


Retail: $40 USD | Sale: $18 USD








Phantom Black, Heather Grey, Off White, Midnight, Peaches N Cream, Lemon Butter


14oz Heavy Weight (80% Cotton, 20% Polyester)


Hidden Zipper On Inside Left Pocket


No Shrink, Pre-Washed


True To Size


Retail: $35 USD | Sale: $15.75 USD








Phantom Black


14oz (80% Cotton, 20% Polyester)


Continuous Double Zipper With Chrome Finish


True To Size


Retail: $65 USD | Sale: $29.25 USD





As you can tell, MADE fully understands the importance of separation through quality.


Not only do they offer the best blanks on the market, they hit unbeatable price points that you can’t find elsewhere.


Partnering with GROUNDEAD, MADE is extending their services to our platform by offering you a unique coupon code.


Get 55% off your next purchase by using GD55 at checkout.



Whether you buy for comfort, product shots, or a size run, our GD55 code is the most affordable way to shop with MADE.


On top of the sale, MADE is offering free shipping on all orders.


To learn more about this manufacturer and to shop their catalog in full, head to MADE’s website and use GD55 now!



For wholesale, contact






Published: April 1st, 2020 | Dalton Oium



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