From Kendrick Lamar To MGK, How Martine Ali Is Reshaping The Jewelry Industry



“People always ask me to define my customer. For me, it’s not about the person, it’s about their state of mind”. – Martine Ali



From Kendrick Lamar To MGK, How Martine Ali Is Reshaping The Jewelry Industry



If you’re in the market for something to help differentiate your outfit from others, then look no further.



Martine Ali is a New York-based designer that crafts elegant, genderless, Jewelry with a new-age twist.


Using a Brooklyn studio to handcraft their items, this brand treats their products like art, ensuring individuality within everything they create. To gain a better understanding of their genius, swipe through the photos featured above and see for yourself.



As you can tell, their products are unlike any other brand. Whether they are focusing on bags, necklaces, or earrings, this brand builds an item that is guaranteed to create impressions.


With Martine Ali, your jewelry is no longer just an accessory; it enters the forefront of your outfit and is used a way to accentuate your overall style. With such, this brand’s variety allows for a freedom of expression, as each item becomes a direct reflection of the wearer.


There’s truly no limits to what this jewelry can do.



If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that products from Martine Ali are products that will stand the test of time. We cannot wait to see what they do next, as we are sure they will continue to push fashion, and jewelry, forward.


To see more of what Martine Ali has to offer, head to their website immediately.


You can thank us later.



Published: July 28th, 2019 | Dalton Oium






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