Dalton Oium | Founder | Content Contributor

The University of Utah – B.S. Writing & Rhetoric Studies, B.S. Health Promotion & Education


Favorite Quote: “Please be yourself, even if you crazy. Stop worrying about normal ass nothing ass people judging your cool weird ass.”– Random screenshot on phone from Dec. 22nd, 2017

First Childhood Memory: Falling off a horse and landing on rocks. Needless to say, horses are probably my least favorite animal.

Most Watched Movie: Inception.

Childhood Dream Job: Mailman. I read about for like a week in Elementary School and was sold.

Ridiculous Fear: I am terrified of Wave Pools. Like the kind you find at water parks. Catch me in the Lazy River.




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Max Lynn | Content Specialist

Portland State University – Communication [Design Management] (2018 – )


Favorite Quote: “If you ever start taking life too seriously, just remember that we are talking monkeys on an organic spaceship flying through the universe.”- Joe Rogan

First Childhood Memory: I was being held in shallow water and there were small fish around.

Most Watched Movie: Pulp Fiction.

Childhood Dream Job: Race Car Driver/Baseball Player

Ridiculous Fear: When I was young my mom told me that Javelinas would jump through my window. Still haven’t opened a window to this day.




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Ben Kohanowski | Photographer

The University of Utah – B.A. Film & Media Arts


Favorite Quote: “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”- James Thurber

First Childhood Memory: Going to an auction with my Dad and winning a life-size TMNT.

Most Watched Movie: Ocean’s 11.

Childhood Dream Job: Fireman

Ridiculous Fear: Floating out in the deep ocean.




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Daniella Nagaytsev | Content Contributor

Cascadia College – Associates Degree in Integrated Studies 


Favorite Quote: “When the devil himself has failed, he sends a woman.”- Old Russian proverb my grandmother would tell me

First Childhood Memory: Being mind blown when I found out that Hillary Duff and Lizzie Mcguire were the same person.

Most Watched Movie: Guava Island.

Childhood Dream Job: I wanted to be a lawyer. And a mortician.

Ridiculous Fear: I fear nothing. Except wasps. Fuck wasps.




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Josh McDonald | Content Contributor

University of Pittsburgh – Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, Business Information Systems


Favorite Quote: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me”– George Horne

First Childhood Memory: Shooting the basketball on the Fisher-Price hoop in my Bulls Michael Jordan jersey.

Most Watched Movie: The Dark Knight.

Childhood Dream Job: Becoming a Sports Agent.

Ridiculous Fear: I wouldn’t say it’s ridiculous, but somewhat fear of heights… I guess you could say.





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Miles Wilson | Content Contributor

Tartan Literary Magazine (2019-Present)


Favorite Quote: “Every society has the criminals it deserves”- Emma Goldman

First Childhood Memory: A trip to the National Zoo.

Most Watched Movie: Sorry To Bother You.

Childhood Dream Job: Postage Stamp Designer.

Ridiculous Fear: An accident involving a microwave…I still use them though.





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Pelumi Ogunro | Content Contributor

University of North Carolina & Greensboro – Consumer Apparel Retail Studies [Apparel Product Design]


Favorite Quote: “Take a shower, your attitude stinks!”- Kid Cudi

First Childhood Memory: Holding my sister’s hand on the train across Massachusetts. I think I had some toy in my hand, but who knows?

Most Watched Movie: The Proposal.

Childhood Dream Job: Circus Clown.

Ridiculous Fear: Dying without tidying up my room. I don’t want anyone finding me next to incense ashes!




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