MENACE: Don’t Get Caught Without Your Proof Of MEMBERSHIP

Anybody With A Piece Of MENACE In Their Closet Is A Member




By: Pelumi Ogunro


With over 5+ years of experience in branding, MENACE continuously pushes the boundaries of their campaigns and collections.


Their latest release, ‘MEMBERSHIP‘, turns consumers into participants by creating a buyer experience that promotes user enrollment.



‘GUN RANGE MEMBER’ Fleece Zip-Up (Black)



With a wide selection of graphic tees, jackets, and accessories, you can enroll in their gun range by purchasing any product in their upcoming collection.


A standout item to look for is their ‘GUN RANGE MEMBER‘ fleece zip-up (pictured below). Not only are these considered core products in this collection, they conveniently pair with matching sweatpants which are offered in black, grey, and blue.







If you are more interested in graphic tees, their ‘GUN RANGE MEMBERSHIP ID CARD‘ t-shirt is a must have.


Using Al Pacino, this graphic pictures Michael Corleone’s Beverly Hills Gun Range ID card and hints at The Godfather by displaying the address of their infamous Van Nuys mansion.


Another product that stands out in this collection is their ‘PEOPLE LISTEN‘ t-shirt.




‘PEOPLE LISTEN’ T-Shirt (Black)



Depicting an oversized print of a man pointing a gun, this garment pairs vintage iconography with an aggressive slogan that rings true throughout everything MENACE creates.


If you aren’t looking for apparel at this time, no worries; there is more they have up their sleeve.





Alongside screenprinted and embroidered apparel, this collection features tons of accessories and home goods such as their highly coveted, 40-inch, ‘TARGET LOGO’ rug.


Regardless of what you are looking for, MENACE has you covered with tons of items that fill checkboxes of even the pickiest streetwear shoppers.





‘MEMBERSHIP’ will be available exclusively through


WHEN: May 26th @ 9AM PST




Published: May 25th, 2020 | Pelumi Ogunro



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