MENACE Reveals Stunning ‘PSYCHOTHERAPY’ Collection Using


Available August 15th @ 9AM PST 



MENACE Reveals Stunning ‘PSYCHOTHERAPY’ Collection Using



MENACE has just revealed an incredible collection in one of the most unique ways possible.


Dubbed, this brand has created a fully-functional social media networking website that looks identical to Myspace.



Their collection, rightly-titled ‘PSYCHOTHERAPY’, draws inspiration from mental health and examines the many factors that influence our behaviors. One of those factors being social media.


Owner, Steven Mena, describes such influences by stating that those ‘platform(s) introduced most of us to the good and bad of the Internet, and the idea of an ‘online persona'”.



Using, this brand has found a perfect way to represent, and display, their collection.


Head to their website to view this collection in full and learn more about the items shown above.


WHEN: August 15th @ 9AM PST


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Published: August 15th, 2019 | Dalton Oium






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