The Entire “Mindseeker” Collection Shatters Barriers



If you haven’t heard of “Mindseeker” yet, allow us to introduce your next favorite brand.


“Mindseeker” is a clothing brand that constantly exceeds expectations. All of their products are extremely unique and crafted in a very professional manner. As you can tell from the photos above, this collective’s unique approach to branding is one of the key elements that separates them from others.


Whether they are crafting jackets, sweaters, or shoes, “Mindseeker” attacks their products using a wide variety of non-conventional stylistics. For example, take a look at the third photo above.


By mixing aspects of screenprinting with various layers of cut & sewn fabric, “Mindseeker” was able to craft a product that is unique, complex, and unforgettable. On top of that, we really enjoy how this brand added drawstrings protruding from the back of the garment. Doing so not only separates their product from thousands of others, it serves a purpose as well. While wearing the jacket, the string will move as the individual does, therefore, creating a sense of ‘movement’ that is often lost in design. In case you are curious, using ‘movement’ in your collection is a great way to grasp viewer attention.


Honestly, there is so much to learn from this brand. Did you see what they did to those Vans? Insane.


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