“Mondaysuck”, A Southern California Powerhouse



If there’s one thing we’ve learned since growing up, it’s that Monday’s suck.


“Mondaysuck” is a brand from sunny, San Diego that produces some of the best collections we’ve seen. The cool thing about this brand is the fact that they don’t limit themselves. They are constantly producing complex items that allow them to grow as a collective.


Haven’t heard of this brand before? Check out the photos above to see what they’ve been up to.


As you can tell, “Mondaysuck” is concentrated on building high quality products that target the youth. In terms of an item that caught our attention, the Rugby polo shown in the first photo above stood out the most.


The first thing that impressed us was the fabric. By simply looking at the photo you can tell this product is durable. The heavy-blended fabric is evident, and on top that, it perfectly represents this brand’s origin.


By choosing a light colored fabric, such as Sky Blue, the creatives at “Mondaysuck” were able to perfectly capture the ‘California aesthetic’ within their product. Lastly, by printing their logo in boldface, this brand quickly, and easily, draws viewer attention.


In terms of their other products, this brand ensures the same levels of quality and care. Did you see those ‘N*E*R*D’ inspired Trucker Caps? Literally everything they produce could find a spot within our rotation.


We are extremely excited to introduce your next favorite brand.