“Naku”, The Art Of Painted Graphics



“Naku” is a clothing brand that has potential for a breakthrough in 2019.


The main thing that stood out to us in regards to this brand was their ability to produce unique products with complex designs. In terms of such designs, our absolute favorites are shown in the first three photos above.


For one, the hand-painted graphics give their products a very ‘humanistic’ feel. When viewing these images, individuals interact with them as though they were art in a gallery and, thus, become more engaged in the product. Doing so allows viewers to draw their own insights and, ultimately, relate to the items in a deeper, more meaningful, way.


Secondly, we love how colorful the graphics are. By color-coding them in a Pastel-based manner, the creatives at “Naku” were able to create a warm, and welcoming, atmosphere that is inviting to viewers. On top of the aspects already mentioned, the paintings are interesting and grasp viewer attention immediately. One glimpse is enough, and from then on you’re hooked.


All in all, this brand takes the craft very seriously. Based on what we’ve seen, “Naku” is in it for the long-run.


To see their collection in it’s entirety, head to their page now!