New Collection By Neighbors Gets A ‘Helping Hand’ From AMS


Turning Paint And Portraits Into Wearable Art



In case you missed it, Neighbors recently teamed up with Austin ‘AMS’ Sanchez for an unforgettable collaboration.


Titled ‘Helping Hand’, this collection masterfully combines AMS art with Neighbors branding, offering tons of highly unique products with intricate designs.





Whether it’s the ominous t-shirts or the hand painted porcelain ornaments, this collection is unlike anything Neighbors has released in the past.


With specs including 11.5oz brushed duck work pants, 6oz heavyweight tees, and 10oz blended hoodies, Neighbors ensures that the quality of all their products is clear.





Being one of Neighbors first collaborations, this collection is definitely worth noting.


Not only are they producing periodic releases on their own, Neighbors is beginning to experiment with other brands and individuals within the community.


To shop their AMS collection in full, head to their website now.


Prices range from $18-$72 USD





Published: January 12th, 2020 | Dalton Oium



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