NEVINfilm Brings The Cinematic Experience To Your Feet


Written and Directed by Abe Nevin.



Brand: NEVINfilm

By: Dalton Oium


NEVINfilm is a brand that finds unique ways to blend cinema with streetwear.


Founded by longtime film and movie connoisseur, Abe Nevin, this brand has not only created the first Afghan Muslim cartoon character, @goobworld, they’ve also created the first Dunk to ever replicate a cinematic experience. Title Cinemagic, this shoe not only features a red ‘film reel’ swoosh, but is also equipped with black ‘closing credit’ guards accented by blue ‘feature film’ panels.


The Cinemagic by NEVINfilm will be accompanied by items such as candy and popcorn to help complete the cinematic experience.


More details coming soon!




Published: September 22nd, 2020 | Dalton Oium


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