Nicholas Raefski’s Smoking Gun


Kid Super affiliate dropped his newest collection February 16th.

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Brand: Nicholas Raefski

By: Pelumi Ogunro


“Death is the great equalizer…” – Mitch Albom


Designer Nicholas Raefski has taken this quote and centered a six piece collection around it. One of the standout pieces is knitted sweater of a man smoking while carrying a pistol, utilizing whites and neon colors to create the perfect storm of a garment. There is also a button down which depicts 1000 bullets, caked in blue highlights, cascading down towards the hemline. With the collection also having an innovative pair of 8 leg cargo pants, socks and a tee shirt, interpolating the vintage Newport iconography and slogan, this collection is full of things any fashionable individual would want.


In addition to this well-rounded collection is a stand-out we don’t see much of today: A custom shoe, fully equipped with a unique silhouette. Aptly named “The Stormtroopers“, this cookies and cream colored shoe adopts a unique lacing system as well as a sleek air bubble at the heel. It almost looks like a mishmash of a Nike Presto, Vapormax and an Osiris D3. Ultimately, this shoe is as unique and personal as this brand is and is the cherry on top of this perfect collection.


To buy their collection or support the designer, visit or follow them on Instagram @nicholasraefski.


Below is a link to their IG page, as well as a link to their short film, aptly named “The Smoking Gun”, accompanying their collection, presented by CFDA Runway 360:


“The Smoking Gun” (Video)




Published: March 4th, 2021 | Pelumi Ogunro


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