“Nothing Usual”, Orange County’s Favorite Streetwear Collective

Photo Nov 20, 10 05 04 PM
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Photo Nov 20, 10 05 10 PM

“Nothing Usual” is a streetwear collective based in the heart of Orange County. Not only does their store carry exclusive underground brands, they also produce their very own apparel as well. Today, we are going to be focusing on their side of the fashion world.


First off, take a look at the photo above to see what the creatives at “Nothing Usual” have been cooking up. For one, this product highlights this brands ability to stay relevant. Since the emergence of hype surrounding Grateful Dead products has skyrocketed, we have seen an influx of various ‘knock off’ shirts, yet none have went to the extent that this shirt has.


Although the design is simple, it proves that this brand has done their research. By iterating the “Orange Sunshine” blotter art (which was popularized in ‘70s), “Nothing Usual” taps into the entire psychedelic market and, thus, is able to attract the likes of many LSD enthusiasts.


Most brands that have been profiting off Dead-inspired products don’t even listen to their music, let alone know what Orange Sunshine is. Being fans of the Dead (and dose), it makes us extremely happy that these shirts exist, and for that, we thank you.


Another shirt that we would like to point out is the “Gumball” tee shown in the photo below. With Halloween right around the corner, we couldn’t imagine a better shirt to wear. By replacing the gumballs with doll-heads, “Nothing Usual” is able to quickly, and effectively, draw attention to their design.


I guess what we’re trying to say is that this brand lives up to their name. This brands ‘unusual’ approach to crafting graphics has allowed all of their products to become extremely unique.


Next time your in Cali, you have to promise us that you will pay them a visit! “Nothing Usual”, on behalf of Groundead, we thank for everything you’ve been doing for the community @notus.xyz (p.s. That tote bag is insane!)