“Nowhere Skateboards”, A Collaborative Brand By Shane Gonzalez And Mark Mcgregor


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“Nowhere Skateboards” is the brainchild of “Midnight Studios” founder, Shane Gonzalez, and professional skateboarder, Mark Mcgregor.


Located in Los Angeles, “Nowhere” attempts to capture the essence of streetwear at it’s core. By blending a skate-mentality with a fashion-forward mindset, this brand is able to produce items that exude a very 90’s, nostalgia-like aesthetic. On top of that, Shane brings a Punk-influence that shines throughout the entire collection.


In terms of a personal favorite, ours is the “Charlie” tee shown in the photo above. Depicting a stenciled graphic of famed cult leader Charles Manson, with the words ‘Charlie Don’t Skate’ printed on the back, this shirt is a great representation of how both creatives came together to produce a single product. In specific, Shane’s ‘grunginess’ is evident in the display of the cultist and Mark’s input is easily represented by the typography printed on the back.


All in all, this garment is guaranteed to capture attention, raise suspicion, and evoke emotion… talk about a powerful design. Secondly, this brand has some of the best designed skateboards we have seen in a very long time.


Being a skateboarding company, with a team of sponsored riders, “Nowhere” truly cares about the culture and, ultimately, ensures that their boards not only look good, but are superior in quality and functionality. You can tell this brand doesn’t do it for the money; they genuinely care about their contributions and do it all out of love for their passions.


Although this collective is fairly new, the creatives behind it are seasoned vets that bring a lifetime of experience to the table. Items shown above are part of their first collection and are available now.


We cannot wait to see what the future holds for “Nowhere Skateboards”.

Head to their page now and see what else they’ve been up to @nowhereskateboards