“Olivia Oblanc”, NY’s House of Reinterpretation



First and foremost, congratulations on a phenomenal year.


“Olivia Oblanc” is a New York-based clothing brand that recently secured a collaboration with Adidas, and judging by their collection, it’s more than deserved. By focusing on reinterpretation, the creatives at “Oblanc” have been able to build entire collections around re-purposed, and re-imagined products. To gain a better understanding of what we are referring to, take a look at the photos above.


As you can see, this brand creates in ways that are unlike anything we’ve seen before. Their blatant, and deliberate, approach to customization greatly separates them from other brands. One aspect of “Oblanc” that truly stands out is their ability to customize ‘anything’. Since customizing on a large scale proves difficult in various degrees, brands tend to stick with silhouettes they are familiar with and, thus, limit themselves in their ability to grow as artists…but not “Oblanc”.


Instead, “Oblanc” challenges themselves with every product they create and, by doing so, have blossomed into a league of their own. What other brands have you seen throw 14 pockets on the back of a pair of jeans? Or create an entire jacket out of inflatables? Exactly.


Brands like “Oblanc” are what spark change in the world. On behalf of Groundead, thank you for pushing fashion forward. Your hard work, determination, and ingenuity do not go unnoticed.


To see a huge collection of unique, custom products that you’ll not find elsewhere, head to the “Olivia Oblanc” page immediately!